Visual brand identity, Iconography
and Isometric graphics

Go to Market (GTM) & UX/UI team | My role: lead visual designer
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Dell EMC Style Guide

Worked on a couple projects, such as interim redesign of our internal and external training site (before we do full personalization), which includes new style guide, logo/brand identity, digital production/ implementation and print design. Produced logos, graphics, presentations, content strategy, template designs and library, and more user research. Work cross functionally with other group, EMC corp branding and the UX/UI community at EMC.


Dell EMC Proven Professional Logos

I designed Dell EMC Proven Professional logos (badge) that was used on all our Dell EMC Education Services and social media content around the world. From research, pencil sketches to various digital concepts, I'm able to bring brand concepts into form.



Created icon library for using content development teams that was used on all our Dell EMC Education Services training courses around the world. Produced final concepts and supplied in various formats (.jpg, .png, and vector) as per our brand gudelines.


Isometric Vector Illustrations

Created and produced detailed isometric views of buildings, vehicles, and even people using Adobe Illustrator. Builds basic isometric shapes, automates parts of the process with actions and Smart Guides, and incorporates color and detail into the final design.


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