Packaging and Collateral

Created and produced packaging design, collateral, and brand identity concepts with a high attention to detail
Education Portpolio Management team | My role: UX/UI, visual design, and illustration
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Print Designs
Created highly conceptual pieces of work, using a mix of print and digital that achieve stakeholders and business goals. Designed and produced highly creative, impactful, collateral, including: brochures, packaging, leaflets, book jackets, invitations, coverage boards, hangtags, labels, layouts, and collaborate with the brand guidelines to ensure consistent use for new business pitches and client presentations.

Solid experience in pre-press project management – start to finish (e.g., electronic file preparation, color separations (4 and spot (2) color separations, and familiar with all technical aspects of printing), trapping, film output, etc.)

Packaging Designs


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